Mr.S.M.Prithivi Raj

He is a native of Tamilnadu State in India with an educational background in Sociology, Permaculture, Civil Engineering, Earth Activism and Labour. His social work experience starts from school days to till now. He has campaign and lobbying experience in labour, social and environment. He is a writer, speaker and trainer on various social issues. He is an author of several books and journals in his mother tongue Tamil. He is a writer, speaker and trainer for several years. He is a founder member and facilitator of (TPF) Tirupur Peoples Forum for environment and labour rights (TPF) since 2013 and recently, founder member of TN Alliance. He is a consultant, environment cell division, Government of Tamilnadu (since 2003). Key research works: Education-4, Social, Environment & communities-5, Environment-9, Labour-19, totally, 37 key research work and several other minor study works. Organized: 9 Peoples Tribunal / Public hearings/Multi stake holder dialogues on disaster, social, environment and labour and participated in several such events. In the last 16 years, beneficiaries of his intervention through care t have exceeded over 10,000 under each of the following sector: - children, young textile women, women, farmers, fishers, and marginalized communities. Currently, he is chief functionary of care t since 2002.

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